This week on the Fresh Eyes Podcast, Vitale Buford interviews Selina Gray about Building Wealth Consciousness  and she helps people transform their relationship with Money.

My interview with Selina Gray is all about our relationship with money. Selina is a money boss–she is a CPA, CA and served as an accomplished controller for two internationally traded public companies and managed a team of 30 worldwide. Selina believes that money is an inside job and that richness begins within. She’s a beautiful soul who has helped thousands of people transform their relationship with money. 

In this episode, Selina talks about her journey into conscious wealth and how it was born from absolute darkness. She believes that wealth consciousness is a way of living, and that we need to look internally first to transform our relationship money. This includes looking at our thoughts and words around money, our patterns around money, and exploring our childhood experiences around money. 

“Money is deeply personal, and conscious wealth is a holistic, nurturing view of money.”

We dive deep into our subconscious thoughts and blocks surrounding money, and what truly keeps us from building wealth. She believes we need to think about the beliefs and stories that no longer serve us – and then choose a different story. We need to align our spending to our values. 

“When we do the internal work, the richness and money does flow to us because it’s energy. We have to feel rich and it attracts itself to us.”

Later in the episode she discusses what to do if you’re stuck in money fear, and the steps you can take–which include journaling, gratitude, and pattern interruption. She talks about the different money practices you can incorporate in your life to build wealth consciousness. 

“It’s about small things that lead to big transformations with money.”

To continue the conversation with Selina, you can reach her on her website, Instagram , and Facebook