Trust is a big part of releasing perfection–and it’s trust in yourself and trust that life is happening FOR YOU. 

Perfection says, “you have to force, manage and control your life to be happy. That once everything is perfect, then you can be happy.” 

Imperfection says, “you don’t have to force what’s meant for you. You can be yourself and then everything will fall into place just as it should. You can be happy now.”

Perfection, force and control used to be my jam. I thought I needed to be perfect for things to go “my way.” (Ha–turns out “my way” typically isn’t always what’s best for me in the long run.) I wanted to avoid messing up or mis stepping, so I used perfection to try and control the outcome.

But the thing is–if it’s meant for you, you can’t mess it up. This goes for relationships, jobs, opportunities–any and everything. Repeat after me–you cannot mess it up if it’s meant for you. You do not have to control what’s meant for you. You do not have to force what’s meant for you. You do not have to perfect what’s meant for you. 

Isn’t that a relief? You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to be you. 

We think that perfection will help us control the outcome. We think if we’re perfect, we will make a relationship last or get a promotion or control the timing of something we want in our life. But that’s all bullshit. You cannot miss what’s meant for you. 

If you’re not being authentic in a relationship because you’re afraid you’re going to lose him or her, well stop it. Who wants to be perfect all the time? It’s exhausting and stressful and impossible. If you can’t be your authentic self in a relationship, then it’s not meant for you. If you can’t be your authentic self in a job, then it’s not meant for you. 

What are you trying to force, manage and control? Loosen the reins. Just BE YOU. I promise you–authenticity will get you way farther than perfection ever will. 

Trust that what’s meant for you CANNOT and WILL NOT miss you.

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