I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that perfection is holding you back in some area of your life. 

Maybe it’s your career–you’re holding back from asking for that promotion or applying for that dream job because you’re resume isn’t perfect enough yet.

Maybe it’s your body–you’re over exercising to make your body smaller or you’re missing out on life experiences because you’re ashamed of your body. 

Maybe it’s your intimate relationships–you’re not expressing how you feel to your partner because you don’t want to appear needy, or maybe you feel your needs aren’t valid–you don’t want to appear imperfect, so resentment starts building in your relationship and you start disconnecting. 

Maybe it’s your finances–you avoid checking your bank account because you don’t want to face the state of your finances or maybe you’re overspending on material things to make yourself appear perfect. 

Maybe it’s your parenting–you overcommit your kids to all the extracurriculars–or maybe you become too controlling when your child acts out in public because you think your child’s behavior reflects your parenting abilities. 

Perfection is that tiny voice in your head that tells you to do more and do better and that people won’t like you and that you’re unworthy. 

It’s that voice in your head that tells you to wait until the “perfect time.” 

And it’s all a lie. But we fall prey to it, and then our lives start passing us by. And we miss out on experiences and people and connections and intimacy and our dreams. We merely exist instead of living full out. 

You don’t need to live this way. You can apply for that job, have more meaningful relationships, live your dreams, write that book, eat your cake– you can do any damn thing you want to do when you decide to say FU to perfection. 

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