Cultivating Self-Compassion with Lisa Olivera

My interview with Lisa Olivera is all about cultivating self-love and self-compassion for ourselves. Lisa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who believes we require more accepting, more good-enough, and more self-compassion. She helps her clients create more compassion for themselves, more capacity to feel the hard stuff, and more understanding of how to […]

Building Wealth Consciousness with Selina Gray

My interview with Selina Gray is all about our relationship with money. Selina is a money boss–she is a CPA, CA and served as an accomplished controller for two internationally traded public companies and managed a team of 30 worldwide. Selina believes that money is an inside job and that richness begins within. She’s a […]

Accessing Your Intuition with Allyson Roberts

For the third episode of Fresh Eyes, I interviewed Allyson Roberts, an intuitive powerhouse and founder of Outrageous Freedom. Her philosophy is that anyone can heal their past through deep devotion to their soul work. Allyson is a highly sought-after speaker and coach, and she currently has a feature film being made about her life. […]

How to Make the Impossible Possible with Charlie Jabaley

Today, I am thrilled and honored to interview Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley. If you looked up the definition of transformation in the dictionary, Charlie’s picture would be the first thing you saw! He is a doer, a giver, and makes the impossible possible. Charlie walked away from being a hip-hop producer in the music industry and […]

Welcome to Fresh Eyes & Host Vitale Buford

Welcome to the first episode of Fresh Eyes! I am so excited to finally be launching my show. In the first episode of Fresh Eyes, I tell you about what I like to call my Fresh Eyes moment: my journey to sobriety after a 10-year love-affair with Adderall. I talk about my struggle with my […]