Embracing Imperfection Group Coaching Accelerator

October 5-November 13

Perfection is the thief of joy.

It’s the stealer of fun. And the robber of love.

It tells you that nothing is ever good enough.

It convinces you that if you look perfect, act perfect, and live perfect, you will be happy.

But it’s all an illusion.

It’s a trap that keeps us disconnected from joy, from creativity, from our potential, from relationships and love.

It keeps us small, fragile and fearful. 

Fear, shame and guilt are what keeps us stuck in perfectionism.

The fear of unworthiness, failure, feeling, and abandonment.

In order to break free from perfection, we must learn to face our fears. 

Signs that you struggle with perfectionism




Approval-seeking and people-pleasing


Always busy and stressed


Need for control


Self-judgment and criticism


Unrealistic expectations of yourself & others


Body image and weight struggles


Always saying yes; struggling to say no


Isolation and loneliness


All-or-nothing thinking


Guilt and shame


Constantly comparing yourself to others


Feeling stuck

Perfectionism is running your life.

It’s time to heal your crisis. It’s time to reclaim your identity and find yourself again. It’s time to return to a life of fulfillment, joy, and purpose.  You can RISE and find the courage and confidence to leave unhealthy relationships, jobs, routines, and lifestyles that aren’t serving you. You can RISE and return to the person who can give you all the joy and love in the world – YOURSELF. 

Let’s do this.

let’s release your perfectionism,

so you can start living.

So you can learn to trust yourself and your intuition. 

So you can be present with your loved ones. 

So you can start experiencing true joy. 

So you can stop giving AF what people think. 

So you can look at yourself in the mirror and feel love. 

So you can stop procrastinating on your dreams

and start making them happen. 

“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”


– Eleanor Roosevelt

Perfection gets in the way of progress. When we face our fears and embrace our imperfections, we can reach our full potential and realize our dreams.

My group coaching program is designed to identify perfectionism patterns and cultivate the skills to work through those patterns. I’m proud of this program and its content–and my clients are getting great results. 


Embracing Imperfection is a 6-week group coaching program, and I’m going to take you through my process of identifying your perfection triggers and healing them.

It’s the process that worked for me and now I can share it with you! Below are some of the details of the program.

Weeks 1 & 2

Dedicated to awareness and identification of the patterns.

Weeks 3 & 4

All about mindset and cultivating self-compassion.

Weeks 5 & 6

All about action and creating action plans to kick perfectionism to the curb. 

embracing imperfection is perfect for you if:


You find yourself achieving, achieving and achieving and it’s never enough


You always need to be productive, busy and stressed


You beat yourself up for making mistakes and have trouble letting it go


You have too high expectations of everyone around you


You try to control everything and everyone around you


You are overcome with guilt and shame and fear because you never feel good enough


You never feel good enough at work, relationships, parenting, your body, etc.


You struggle with body image and never feel “thin enough”

If one or all these things sound familiar, then my program is for you!

(And listen, there’s no shame for identifying with things on this list–I used to identify with all of them!)

Program details:


This is a 6-week group coaching accelerator that runs October 5-November 13


Each week has a different theme and lesson–I will upload the assignments and journaling prompts each Monday through the private Facebook group


Weeks 1-2 are dedicated to awareness and identification of the patterns, week 3-4 are all about mindset and cultivating self-compassion, and weeks 5-6 are all about action and creating action plans to kick perfectionism to the curb.


Group calls will be conducted on Wednesdays at 9:00 am EST via Zoom – the first call will be on Monday, October 5 (**There are two options for group calls: on Wednesdays at 9 am EST and Wednesday at 12 pm EST)


This is a safe and supportive environment and I will be guiding you and supporting you on every step of this journey. I’m holding your hand as you begin to heal the perfection patterns that have been holding you back.

apply for the embracing imperfection accelerator today


October 5-November 13 

Investment: $1,500 


Clients say…

Prior to working with Vitale, I identified as a perfectionist.

One who lacked boundaries around my time and put others needs before my own. Through her embracing imperfection course, I learned that my disempowering beliefs prevented me from authentically living a life that was truly mine. I
often fixated on the small details of my job, such as reading an email countless times before sending it or fretting about a conversation I had days prior. I lived my life on the timeline of others and failed at being fully present for my family and closest friends. Vitale taught me how to make space for gratitude, positive self-talk and how to ‘practice the pause’ and reflect. I am now intentional about the quality of my life by focusing on what I value, what energizes me and what encourages me to grow. By taking action and letting go I am creating a life without perfectionism. I can barely recognize myself from 6 weeks ago, as I have consistently followed her plan by discovering the best parts of me.

Instead of being paralyzed by the fear of not being perfect I now feel empowered to take action.

Vitale’s Embracing Imperfection program helped me to overcome my struggle with perfectionism. My desire to be perfect held me back in so many ways and I wasn’t even aware this was occurring in my life. My desire to be perfect lead to procrastination, a need to feel in control of most situations and outcomes, feelings of guilt and shame and constantly having unrealistic expectations of myself
and others. What I discovered is that I actually have more control when “I let go.” Instead of being paralyzed by the fear of not being perfect I now feel empowered to take action. I continue to use the tools that I learned every day to break free from perfectionism.to grow. By taking action and letting go I am creating a life without perfectionism. I can barely recognize myself from 6 weeks ago, as I have consistently followed her plan by discovering the best
parts of me.

I highly recommend Vitale to help you create a vision and mindset of success!

Prior to meeting Vitale, my personal and business mindset had stalled on a spectrum of fear, self-loathing, and defeat.  I felt that no matter what I was doing it was never good enough and I wasn’t worthy of success.  Something had to change.  That is when I met Vitale at a women’s conference and immediately her advice struck me as shocking and uncomfortable.  She spoke about how to embrace imperfection and that I am good enough.  Recently I completed her group coaching class, within the first week, I was taking principles from the sessions and implementing them into my business.  I highly recommend Vitale to help you create a vision and mindset of success!

Hey, I’m Vitale


I get it – my life used to be filled with crisis too. For most of my life I searched outside myself to be loved and feel worthy. I had a decade-long addiction to Adderall, an eating disorder and list of toxic relationships with men. My relationship with my alcoholic mother left me ashamed and guilty. I had an all-or-nothing relationship with food and there wasn’t a diet I hadn’t tried. I was engaged to a man who was emotionally abusive. My career looked good on paper and I was climbing the corporate ladder, but I was empty on the inside. It wasn’t until four years ago when I got sober and decided to make myself I priority.

I am an agent of transformation and lasting change. Aside from a professional coaching certification through iPEC and 10+ years of corporate experience and coaching, I have a superpower for helping stuck individuals take action through learning one necessary, fundamental truth – They’re worth it.

I have infused her professional education with her personal experience of overcoming a 10-year addiction and an eating disorder to create a unique coaching system. She has a very specific process she takes clients through that involves Awareness, Perspective, and Action. No two people are the same and neither are their blueprints. Each person receives a customized plan as individual as they are – based on a combination of education, experience, and intuition.

I know exactly what I need to stay the course and continue to elevate my life, and it totally lights me up to help my clients find their own transformational and sustainable change. I help my clients by not only holding up the mirror for them, but also holding their hand as they move toward the change they need to live their best life. The best parts of my life now are my son Ben, my loyal friends that I love dearly, and my business that allows me to thrive in my zone of genius.

Clients say…

“It was amazing. It helped me improve, it helped me be more gentle with myself, and release the pressure of always being perfect.”