Embracing Imperfection Accelerator


  • The next session is October 6-November 13

    Here are details of the program:

    • The group coaching program is six weeks – weeks 1 & 2 are dedicated to awareness and foundation work, weeks 3 & 4 are dedicated to mindset work, and weeks 5 & 6 are dedicated to action work.
    • September 14-October 23.
    • Group coaching clients will be a part of a private Facebook group dedicated to their session. All program materials, info and communication will be conducted in the private group.
    • Each week will feature a different module – and those materials will be uploaded every Monday with instructions. There will also be a group call each week facilitated by me and conducted via Zoom. I will facilitate discussion around each week’s topic. This is where the connection and coaching happens – and it’s so much fun!
    • Group coaching is so transformative because you’re in a safe and supportive environment of like-minded people – my past group coaching participants have built lasting friendships from being in the group.