In the Fresh Eyes Podcast Episode 16, Vitale Buford interviews Bridgette Binford about redefining productivity.

In Episode 16 of Fresh Eyes, I talk about Redefining Productivity with guest Bridgette Binford. We live in a time where productivity and busyness are a status symbol. And it’s wearing us down. Bridgette and I talk today about redefining what productivity means to people. The current version of productivity focuses on doing more, more, more–and you don’t have to do more to be productive! Bridgette shares how to break free from tying your self-worth to your productivity, and we also discuss a new way to define time. Bridgette is a Health & Productivity Coach obsessed with helping successful women take action towards their goals while creating healthy habits to live life energized, radiant, and thriving. I cannot wait to share our conversation with y’all – it’s going to give you fresh eyes on productivity. To connect with Bridgette after the episode, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.