Fresh Eyes Episode 17: Emotional Resilience with James Silvas

Episode 17 of Fresh Eyes is all about Emotional Resilience. And my guest is James Silvas–he’s a peak performance coach and mindset specialist, and he created a brand called Be That One Percent. James believes in thinking differently and being that one percent - he helps people break through limitations so they can step into […]

Fresh Eyes Episode 16: Redefining Productivity with Bridgette Binford

In Episode 16 of Fresh Eyes, I talk about Redefining Productivity with guest Bridgette Binford. We live in a time where productivity and busyness are a status symbol. And it’s wearing us down. Bridgette and I talk today about redefining what productivity means to people. The current version of productivity focuses on doing more, more, more–and you don’t […]

Fresh Eyes Podcast Episode 15: How to Show Up for Yourself

I’m so excited about today’s podcast episode–I know, I say that about every episode! Episode 14 of Fresh Eyes features Erin Skye Kelly and we talk about the importance of showing up for yourself. Erin is a speaker, coach and best-selling author, and she is also currently on tour with Rachel Hollis and Tony Robbins. […]

Go All In On Your Life with Branden Collinsworth

Episode 12 of Fresh Eyes features Branden Collinsworth. Branden is a human performance coach, a Master Trainer for Nike, and works exclusively with some of the top names in sports, music and business. I had the pleasure of meeting Branden a year ago at the MOTU Summit and was inspired by his story. One of […]

Become the Person You Want to Attract with Kelsey Grant

Episode 11 of Fresh Eyes is a powerful one –so get out your paper and pen because you’ll want to take notes! In today’s episode I’m talking with Kelsey Grant about how to become the person you want to attract. Kelsey is a love and relationship educator based out of Vancouver. She’s passionate about providing […]

Living a Simplified Life with Stephanie Sikora

Today's guest on Episode 10 of the Fresh Eyes podcast is Stephanie Sikora and she helps turn chaos into calm. She is a speaker, life coach, systems specialist and professional organizer. And she is the best-selling author of Simplified: A Real-Life Guide to Organizing Your Space and Saving Your Sanity. Chaos and clutter impact our lives […]

Life is a Party with Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

In episode 6 of Fresh Eyes, I interview Dr. Jeremy Goldberg, a behavioral scientist, mentor, writer, speaker, and spoken word poet. He is a change agent who believes everyone deserves kindness and that empathy and compassion should be commonplace. In 2010, Jeremy started the movement, podcast, and workshops titled Long Distance Love Bombs, he is […]

Cultivating Self-Compassion with Lisa Olivera

My interview with Lisa Olivera is all about cultivating self-love and self-compassion for ourselves. Lisa is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who believes we require more accepting, more good-enough, and more self-compassion. She helps her clients create more compassion for themselves, more capacity to feel the hard stuff, and more understanding of how to […]

How to Make the Impossible Possible with Charlie Jabaley

Today, I am thrilled and honored to interview Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley. If you looked up the definition of transformation in the dictionary, Charlie’s picture would be the first thing you saw! He is a doer, a giver, and makes the impossible possible. Charlie walked away from being a hip-hop producer in the music industry and […]