In episode 17 of the Fresh Eyes Podcast, Vitale Buford interviews peak performance coach James Silvas about Emotional Resilience.

Episode 17 of Fresh Eyes is all about Emotional Resilience.

And my guest is James Silvas–he’s a peak performance coach and mindset specialist, and he created a brand called Be That One Percent. James believes in thinking differently and being that one percent – he helps people break through limitations so they can step into their greatness. 

James defines emotional resilience as your ability to weather the storm regardless of what happens, and your ability to stay calm and approach it at your best. We discuss how you can build emotional resilience, how to process your emotions, and the role all these play in your growth. 

He also introduces that idea that when you open yourself up more to something, you also open yourself up more to the opposite. So when you open yourself up to your emotions–you will feel more joy but you also have the capacity to feel more pain. I love this idea. We dive deep into this and all things emotional resilience–I cannot wait for to learn more from today’s episode. 

To connect with James after the show, please visit him on Instagram, Facebook, or you can email him ([email protected]).