I’m so excited about today’s podcast episode–I know, I say that about every episode! Episode 14 of Fresh Eyes features Erin Skye Kelly and we talk about the importance of showing up for yourself. Erin is a speaker, coach and best-selling author, and she is also currently on tour with Rachel Hollis and Tony Robbins. Basically–she’s a Rockstar. 

I got to know Erin through my membership in her Achievement Club, which is an online community of achievers with weekly calls covering all life topics. She is an incredible human and I’m thrilled to share her with y’all today. 

To connect with Erin after the show, visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook. Click here to join Achievement Club.

Or you can also get a FREE 14-day trial using this link: https://www.erinskyekelly.com/a/16876/GP7VtR7L