Every time I do something scary or uncomfortable, I grow. And when I grow, my life unfolds. It unfolds into deeper self-awareness, more loving relationships, more opportunity, more flow and ease, and more abundance. 

Scary things are scary–and they are designed that way–because the things in life that are worthwhile aren’t meant to be easy–they are meant to be worth it. 

Scary and uncomfortable things can look like this:

Having a difficult conversation with your partner.

Telling someone “no”.

Setting boundaries with unhealthy people.

Being vulnerable.

Investing in a coaching program or event for the first time. 

Quitting your job.

Writing a book.

Going to group exercise class. 

Scary things are designed to be scary–so you can grow. You get to grow through what you go through. ⁣

I use fear as my compass – and I let it guide me. I’m like “I see you scary,uncomfortable conversation and I’m going to do it even though it will be uncomfortable AF.”

So, how can you start doing scary things? 

First – recognize that it will be scary. Recognize that you can’t control the outcome but that you’ve made it this far in life so you can do this too. You can do hard things. 

Secondly – do the thing. Have the conversation. Set the boundary. Quit the job or relationship. Turn off your phone. 

Thirdly – celebrate yourself for getting outside your comfort zone. Ask yourself what you learned and celebrate your growth. 

Then rinse and repeat. 

Say yes to yourself and do that scary thing. Let fear be your compass instead of your roadblock. 

What scary thing are you going to do? 

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