Perfection Series 5: What Is Perfection? And Is It Really A Bad Thing?

I’ve been trying to define perfectionism–and this is what I came up with– “perfection is when we look outside ourselves for love, security and validation.”  When we look outside ourselves for love, security, and validation, it’s because we think there’s something inherently flawed about us. And if there’s something flawed about us–how could we be […]

Perfection Series 1: If It's Meant for You, You Can't Mess It Up.

Trust is a big part of releasing perfection–and it’s trust in yourself and trust that life is happening FOR YOU.  Perfection says, “you have to force, manage and control your life to be happy. That once everything is perfect, then you can be happy.”  Imperfection says, “you don’t have to force what’s meant for you. […]