I talk a lot about perfection. In fact–you may be tired of me talking about it. And I get it. But here’s the thing–I’m not going to stop talking about it until you realize how much it’s holding you back. Perfection is the most pervasive thing keeping you from living your dreams. 

It’s keeping you from asking for that promotion, from having a difficult conversation with your partner, from setting boundaries with your parents or in-laws, from enjoying a girl’s night because you’re obsessing over calories, from engaging with your kids because you can’t shut off your work, from being present instead of scrolling through social media and comparing yourself to strangers. It’s all perfectionism. 

Perfection tells you that you need to do more and be more in order to be loved. It tells you to fear change because if you make a mistake, you’ll be a failure. It tells you to avoid conflict because if you don’t, you’ll be abandoned. It tells you to be more like the strangers on social media to be loved. And it’s a damn lie. And it’s keeping you from being the best version of yourself. 

Here’s a few ways to stop the perfection madness: 

First - start being curious when you feel tension and anxiety in your life. When you notice these feelings come up - ask yourself what’s going on. 

Second - look at your methods of numbing to uncover what you’re really feeling. If you’re scrolling on social media or bingeing Netflix - why are you using this as a distraction? What are you trying to avoid? Are you afford to finish writing your book because you’re afraid you’ll fail?

Third - show yourself a lot compassion as you begin to uncover the layers of perfection. Make sure you’re staying connected in your relationships, move your body, eat healthy, take time for yourself, establish a morning routine, and say kind and loving things to yourself. 

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